Pre/Post Natal Yoga


Ground yourself in a pre-natal practice where you can tune into your body and breath, connect deeply with your baby and embrace your pregnancy journey.

Natal Yoga

Pre-natal yoga embraces the changes that occur during all stages of pregnancy. These safe & supportive classes will focus on breath awareness, specific pre-natal poses and gentle stretches. Restorative poses will relax your body, soothe your soul, encourage you to trust your instincts, embrace your changing body and the amazing life that is growing inside you.

These classes will help you meet the transformations of pregnancy and child birth with strength, confidence and calmness.

These classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Pre-registration is required. All props provided however you may wish to bring 2 pillows.

Please call Emma on 1300 855 904 or e-mail

These classes will ensure that the pace is specific and caters to individual needs depending on each person’s child birthing experience.


Once your precious bundle of joy arrives and your body has had time to readjust is when you can start to recommence your yoga practice. Everything changes when a woman gives birth; her body, her obligations, her priorities. Rest after delivery for at least one month to regain strength is a must. Postures can be recommenced at your own pace over a period of 2-3 months, gradually moving to an optimal practice in 3-6 months after delivery. Upon returning to a regular practice, the focus is on the physical work needed to regain strength and a mental release. Mums & Bubs yoga is a great way to start your practice again and it is also wonderful for the baby.

Natal Yoga

These classes are suitable for post pregnancy mums.

Pre-registration is required. All props provided however you may like to bring 2 towels.