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Set on a beautiful 10 acre property in Palmwoods, construction of this yoga studio was completed in 2015. Upon your arrival, follow the majestic pathway that meanders through the edges of the rainforest down to the entrance of the studio. Once through the doors, the ambiance of the studio will undoubtedly captivate you with its Himalayan salt bricks and water feature reception area.

Soulistic Living Yoga Studio

Surrounded by lush rainforest, the studio stacker doors open up to a billabong, the home to all sorts of amazing native animals. We are registered for Land for Wildlife at our property, meaning that we are part of a conservation program to protect all native plants and animals around us. The floors are polished concrete and the skillion roof encapsulates the rainforest. The outlook will be sure to have you feeling relaxed and tranquil even before yoga begins.

Our studio also has a FAR-infrared sauna in a private courtyard with a large stone bath that you can immerse yourself in at the end of a treatment.

At Soulistic Living, we supply all mats and props free of charge. We also supply complementary tea and coffee for your enjoyment. We strive to be as green as possible every day, providing environmentally-friendly soaps, shampoo and conditioner to use either before or after classes.

The amazing benefits of Himalayan salt and salt lamps are becoming known to more and more people in recent times. Click here to read about the benefits of Himalayan Salt. All of our Himalayan Salt products including our amazing salt brick wall are from Karom at Maleny. Only Karom Himalayan Salt is untreated and unfumigated when imported into Australia. This means that it still remains in its natural state, emitting only good energy! Test it against other products to see for yourself.

All of the water on our property is not only 100% delicious rainwater, it also runs through top of the line dual filters and a UV light to ensure there is absolutely no bacteria. The water tastes incredible and is silky smooth.

We can also run this already fantastic water through an Alkalizer filter which increases the pH level to a higher alkalised state, meaning it is less acidic and much better for you. Click here to read more about the huge benefits of having a higher alkalized body.



Hi my name is Myra and I first came across Tai Chi in 1977 where groups of people were practicing in the park and I was completely captivated.

Returning to Australia in 1979, I unsuccessfully looked for a Teacher but found Yoga and earned certification with IYTA and Elsa Rabold as my mentor. Not long after I found my first Tai Chi Teacher and studied Yang Style, short form (Bejing 24) Chen Style along with Lohan Chi Kung and Su Lohan.

I taught in my studio in Montville and classes in Maroochydore for many years even doing school fetes with Tony O'Connor and touring Australia as a part of his concerts. I had the wonderful experience teaching on the beach at Mission Beach.

Returning to Sunshine Coast in 2001, I taught for the Council in Nambour, Chancellor Park and Montville 3 days a week as well as private lessons.

The last 15 years I have been tutoring for U3A, yoga and Tai Chi and look forward to sharing this beautiful practice with you in the magical Soulistic Living where nature and harmony.


Narayani's passion is to see others shine as as they deepen their self connection through the practice of yoga. No matter where you are in life, yoga can help you flourish.

Teaching from the classical Hatha yoga tradition, Narayani studied with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centre in India, with further study and regular teaching with the Yoga in Daily life system in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. Her classes also draw on the experience gained over the past 17 years with many wonderful teachers and systems, including Iyengar and Ashtanga.

With a special interest in mental and emotional wellbeing, voice and sacred feminine practice, Narayani is looking forward to continuing the journey with you in the beautiful space at Soulistic Living.


Lynn has a Bachelor of Psychology, and received a distinction in Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy through the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). She focuses on sound techniques to correct imbalances on all levels of being, emotional, physical and spiritual. It works with the energy body, or aura and the energy centres of the body, the Chakras. She has over 10 years experience working with children, parents and guardians with her work for the Department of Child Safety, Foster Care and Adoption Agencies. Lynn has a desire to enlighten lives by bringing you into harmony so that you can release resistance caused by emotions.


Frankie is a lifelong yoga practitioner with training in tantra, psychology, and sexology. She has been sharing yoga practices for nearly twenty years.

In group practices Frankie emphasises finding deep personal relevance and practical ways to integrate yoga into daily life, including working with specific health goals such as back care, weight loss, and relaxation training.


Jess discovered pilates while taking dance classes in New York in her early 20’s and has practised pilates ever since. Having struggled to find a pilates class near her work she became a Pilates Instructor through Studio Pilates International in 2014 and started lunchtime classes at the Fortitude Valley PCYC. Now living back on the Sunshine Coast she is excited to share her love of pilates and empower men and women to rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies.


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